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July 18, 2014

What is an acknowledged advantage of telecommuting?

A.    It helps to reduce carbon emissions.
B.    Remote meetings are more productive.
C.    Work gets done more easily.

Answer: A

Next to the printer’s specifications, what would be of importance when selecting a greener printer?

A.    A printer duty cycle comparable the printing needs of your office
B.    A printer duty cycle higher than the printing needs of your office
C.    A printer duty cycle lower than the printing needs of your office

Answer: A

The paper manufacturer you buy paper from works with The Forest Stewardship Council.What does this mean?

A.    The paper aligns with responsible forest use.
B.    The paper is only made of new fiber from trees.
C.    50% of the paper’s content is recycled.
D.    100% of the paper’s content is recycled.

Answer: A

What is according to many experts one of the most obvious opportunities for companies to cut costs and achieve green goals?

A.    Exclusive partnerships with vendors and other parties that work according to a green road map.
It ensures a maximum energy waste reduction.
B.    Meeting the requirements of an environmental standard (such as IEEE 1680). It will ensure
more cost effective implementation of green goals.
C.    Configure power management setting to desktop computers and lowering power consumption by IT substantially

Answer: C

Your department has been asked to reduce the use of paper and ink. What is one of the easiest ways to do so?

A.    Introduce the concept of the paperless office
B.    Printing two-sided documents
C.    Switch paper suppliers

Answer: B

Using too much lighting is of course raising the energy bill unnecessarily. What is another important human reason for not applying too much lighting?

A.    It takes too long to switch them all on and off.
B.    Too much lighting can irritate people on a physiological level.
C.    Too much lighting generates more heat.

Answer: B
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