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December 1, 2014

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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 70-488
Exam Name: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions



Drag and Drop Questions
You develop a reusable workflow on a development site by using SharePoint Designer. The workflow must be made available to a test site on a different SharePoint environment.
You need to deploy and start the workflow on the test site by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)




Hotspot Question
A company’s IT department implements a Help Desk Ticketing system that involves workflow development by using SharePoint Designer and InfoPath. The Help Desk Ticket workflow involves multiple steps and tasks that have serial approvals of multiple users and groups with custom task email messages. The Approver accidently rejects a workflow step, and the workflow has stopped. The Approver then corrects the step.
You need to continue the workflow to reflect the updated approval. Which activity should you use? (To answer, select the appropriate action from the list of actions in the answer area.)





You develop a SharePoint app to create an approval workflow for expense reports. The app must collect user input before starting the workflow. You need to use ASP.NET forms in the workflow. Which form type should you use?

A.    Workflow input form
B.    Workflow initiation form
C.    Workflow task form
D.    Workflow modification form

Answer: B

You plan to create a workflow design by using Microsoft Visio 2013 and then import the design into SharePoint Designer 2013.
You need to ensure that you have repetition capability. Which shape should you use?

A.    Stage
B.    Assign a Task
C.    Step
D.    Loop

Answer: D
Stage shapes
A stage can contain any number of shapes and may include branching. However, there can be only one path into a stage (and a step) and one path out. All actions in the workflow must be contained by a stage.
Loop shapes
Loops are a series of connected shapes that will execute as a loop, returning from the last shape in the series to the first, until a condition is satisfied.
Step shapes
Steps represent a grouped series of sequential actions. Steps must be contained by a stage.
A step shape must also have an Enter and Exit shape to define the paths in and out of the shape.

You plan to create a SharePoint Business Process Automation (BPA) project.
You need to process items for approval with the least amount of developer effort.
Which tool should you use?

A.    Remote Event Receiver
B.    Out-of-the-box workflow
C.    SharePoint Designer workflow
D.    Work Item Timer Job

Answer: B

Contoso uses a SharePoint site that contains subsites. Each subsite represents different projects. Each project site is based on a team site template and stores information and documents. Contoso has five teams: Manufacturing, Sales, Administration, Marketing, and IT.
You must create a different look and feel for each team site such that any visitor to the site can identify the team by looking at the colors, fonts, and background image of the site.
You need to create a different look and feel for each team.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the complete solution. Choose all that apply.)

A.    Open Contoso Corporate Microsoft PowerPoint Slides Template, save the template as
ContosoCorporate.master, and then upload it to the Theme Gallery.

B.    From SharePoint Designer, go to Content Types. Right-click and select Content Type Settings.

C.    Get a site background image for each team and upload it to the site collection images library.
Then create a new master page for each team site by using the Master Page Gallery.
Set the version to 15.

D.    From the Web Designer Galleries, choose Composed Looks and create a new item for each team site.
Specify the title, URL of the master page, theme, background image, and font schema file.

E.    On the Site Settings page in the Look and Feel section, choose Change the look.

F.    Create a new font XML schema with a font specification for each team.

Answer: DEF
* Content types enable site users to quickly create specialized kinds of content by using the New Item or New Document command in a list or library. Content types provide site owners a way to make sure that that content is consistent across sites. Site owners can pre-configure specific details about the content when they set up content types for a site, list, or library.
* A Composed Look is made up of:
Master Pages
Color palettes
Font palettes
Background image

Drag and Drop Questions
You need to create a workflow custom activity to use in a custom action in SharePoint by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
Which five actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)




A user deploys a sandbox solution. The user cannot activate the solution.
You need to ensure that the user can activate the solution.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.)

A.    Grant permission to the user to execute the solution.
B.    Grant permission to the user to activate the solution.
C.    Start the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service.
D.    Start the PerformancePomt Services.

Answer: AC

A company uses SharePoint for internal collaboration. SharePoint is deployed on a server farm with a single front-end server, a single application server, and a dedicated database server.
You review existing Web Parts that read from and write to SharePoint lists.
You find the following code in one of the utility classes and notice memory leaks in the method.


You need to ensure that there are no memory leaks in the method. What should you do?

A.    Add a finally statement and include site.Dispose ().
B.    Add site.Dispose() to the catch statement.
C.    Add a finally statement and include siteCoIiection.Dispose ();
D.    Add siteCollection.Dispose() to the catch statement.

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Questions
You troubleshoot the sandbox solutions that your team builds.
You need to redeploy a sandbox solution.
You also need to identify which process must be debugged.
Where should you redeploy the solution, and which process should you debug? (To answer, drag the appropriate statements to the correct location or locations in the answer area. Each statement may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)




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