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June 14, 2017

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The project manager was asked to provide recommendations for the removal of a vendor.
A meeting was scheduled with the key stakeholders and the project sponsor to highlight the reasons for this recommendation. Which of-the following should the project manager bring to the meeting to support this recommendation? (Select TWO)

A.    The issue log to show why the vendor should be replaced
B.    The team action items to show why the vendor should be replaced
C.    The scope statement to show why the vendor should be replaced
D.    A procurement plan to show why the vendor should be replaced
E.    A change management plan to have the vendor replaced

Answer: AE

A company has updated the method it uses to initiate projects. The company requires RFPs from three vendors, and low high bids must be rejected to determine the selected vendor.
Which of the following terms describes this requirement?

A.    Outsourcing
B.    Business acquisition
C.    Business process change
D.    Internal reorganization

Answer: A

The project manager has noticed a vendor is not performing in accordance with the SLA Which of the following items should the project manager use to highlight the vendor’s areas of poor performance?

A.    Balanced score card
B.    WBS
C.    Post-project evaluation
D.    PERT

Answer: B

Team members have reported that meetings are poorly attended and unproductive Which of the following steps can the project manager take to make the meetings more productive?

A.    Discontinue the meetings with the poorest attendance.
B.    Decrease the length of the meetings
C.    Distribute an agenda before each meeting
D.    Document team member attendance and report it to management.

Answer: D

Which of the following documents should be used to provide high-level reporting to key stakeholders?

A.    Dashboard
B.    Communication plan
C.    Statement of work
D.    Project charter

Answer: C

During the initiation phase, a project manager has asked for a document containing the high-level objectives and goals for a project. Which of the fallowing documents would contain these items?

A.    Business case
B.    Requirements document
C.    Project timeline
D.    Task plan

Answer: A

A program manager informs a project manager that a new, high-priority project has been approved and will need the current project’s resources before the scheduled project close- date The project team meets and determines that the project should be fast-tracked Which of the following documents should the project team reference to fast-track the project? (Select TWO).

A.    Scope management plan
B.    Configuration management plan
C.    Network diagram
D.    Project schedule
E.    Project plan

Answer: AC


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