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November 10, 2014

Which Granite appliance feature would be used to implement disconnected operations? (Select 2)

A.    Pinning
B.    Offlining
C.    High availability
D.    MPIO
E.    Prepopulation

Answer: AE

What are the default ports used between the Granite Edge and Granite Core on a Steelhead EX platform?

A.    7150-7154, 7170
B.    7950-7954, 7970
C.    Granite uses the same default ports as the Steelhead WAN Optimization
D.    7750-7754, 7770
E.    7050-7050, 7070

Answer: B

In a solution where Granite appliance is providing projected LUNs to the branch office the Granite Edge is considered what?

A.    ESXi server and LUN
B.    MPIO initiator
C.    iSCSI target
D.    iSCSI initiator

Answer: C

When configuring high availability for Granite Edge, which of the following is true?

A.    MPIO is enabled on a Steelhead EX appliance to achieve high availability.
B.    A pair of Steelhead CX appliances act as active/standby peers.
C.    Granite Edge does not support high availability.
D.    A pair of Steelhead EX appliances act as active/active peers.
E.    A pair of Steelhead EX appliances act as active/standby peers.

Answer: E

Which Riverbed technology below would be used to replace tape backup securely to a public cloud?

A.    Whitewater appliance.
B.    Steelhead FCIP.
C.    Granite appliance.
D.    Stingray.

Answer: A

Whitewater appliance peer replication is supported in which of the following modes? (Select 2)

A.    Single active/single passive (cloud only).
B.    Single active/single passive (secondary Whitewater appliance only).
C.    Single active/dual passive (cloud and secondary Whitewater appliance).
D.    Single active/dual active (cloud and secondary Whitewater appliance in high availability mode).

Answer: AC

Which Public Cloud provider is supported by Whitewater appliance? (Select 2)

A.    Amazon Web services.
B.    Verizon AAS.
C.    Rackspace.

Answer: AC

An environment has 5TB of file server data and 5TB of database data backed up with a full backup each week. Assume the average dedupe rates for Whitewater, and assume standard 1% change and 10% annual growth rate. With a requirement to keep a minimum of two weeks of backups locally on the Whitewater cache, which Whitewater appliances would satisfy the requirements above? (Select 2)

A.    Virtual Whitewater appliance 210.
B.    Virtual Whitewater appliance 410.
C.    Whitewater appliance 730.
D.    Whitewater appliance 2030.
E.    Whitewater appliance 3030.

Answer: DE

Which encryption in flight does Whitewater appliance directly support?

A.    SSLv1
B.    TLS
C.    RC3
D.    SSLv3
E.    IPSec

Answer: D

Which benefits below does Whitewater appliance provide? (Select 2)

A.    Server and storage consolidation.
B.    Load balancing backups.
C.    Reduce cost over disk to disk backup.
D.    High Speed TCP optimization.
E.    Eliminate tape backup.

Answer: CE

Which are two models of the physical appliance for Whitewater? (Select 2)

A.    Whitewater 730
B.    Whitewater 760
C.    Whitewater 1011
D.    Whitewater 2030
E.    Whitewater 3035

Answer: AD

If a user is considering having backup data sent to Amazon Glacier, select which recommendations should be reviewed to ensure Whitewater appliance is appropriately designed for the environment? (Select 2)

A.    Whitewater appliances should be sized larger to reduce the amount of potential access activity
from Amazon Glacier.
B.    Whitewater appliances should only deduplicate against local cache storage and not against local
and Amazon Glacier storage.
C.    Whitewater appliances should only accept archive data if using Amazon Glacier storage.

Answer: AB

What RAID protection level is supported on Whitewater appliance?

A.    RAID-1
B.    RAID-5
C.    RAID-6
D.    RAID-10

Answer: C

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