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March 25, 2020

2020/March New Braindump2go PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE are Free Released Today! Following are some new PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Questions!

New Question
What is the importance of application versioning?

A.    Application versioning provides the ability to clone rules.
B.    Application versioning preserves prior application versions.
C.    Application versioning provides a means to organize applications by priority.
D.    Application versioning provides the ability to version data classes without impacting existing data classes.

Answer: B

New Question
Select two benefits of using Global Resource Settings. (Choose Two)

A.    Global Resource Settings improves the performance for integration with the external system.
B.    Global Resource Settings allow you to manage settings without needing to unlock rulesets.
C.    Global Resource Settings allow you to manage settings in one place.
D.    Global Resource Settings allow you to define settings for all your different environments in one location.

Answer: BC

New Question
Your application requires a cascading approval for expense reports. Approvals must follow the submitter’s reporting structure, with the following thresholds. A manager must approve expense reports up to USD500.
A director must approve expense reports up to USD1500. A vice president must approve expense reports of USD1500 or greater. How do you configure the approval process?

A.    Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure when rules to determine the number of levels.
B.    Select the reporting structure configuration, then select All levels.
C.    Select the reporting structure configuration with custom levels, then configure a decision table to determine the number of levels.
D.    Select the authority matrix configuration option.

Answer: A

New Question
Which requirement do you satisfy with an Access When record?

A.    Managers can perform an optional action to transfer a case to another workbasket, but users cannot.
B.    Accountants can edit a purchase request only if the case was created by a member of their assigned department.
C.    Government regulations require that you explicitly block user access to personally identifiable information.
D.    Company policies require that you only allow managers to run reports on purchase requests.

Answer: B

New Question
Which two steps do you perform to update the logo in a portal header? (Choose Two)

A.    Upload the new image to a binary file record.
B.    Reference the image in the portal skin.
C.    Reference the image in the application record.
D.    Update the portal header to reference the new image.

Answer: AD

New Question
Which two of the following steps are needed to implement Global Resource Settings? (Choose Two)

A.    Create a data page
B.    Create a property for each environment
C.    Create a data transform
D.    Create a report definition

Answer: AC

New Question
What task must you perform in order to persist a temporary case?

A.    Add a Persist Case SmartShape to the process.
B.    Add an object ID to the case
C.    Add a persistence condition to the case type.
D.    Configure pyStartCase to persist a case.

Answer: A

New Question
What does the orange triangle in this screen indicate?

A.    The service returned an error
B.    The data page’s connector is not properly configured
C.    The data page source system is simulated
D.    The service could not be reached

Answer: C

New Question
The reason you want to run a process immediately before taking performance readings is ____________.

A.    to train the system which process we’re going to measure
B.    to make sure there are no bugs in the system
C.    to allow the rules to assemble
D.    to make sure we know which buttons to click so we can be quick

Answer: C

New Question
You have configured an agent to automatically send correspondence. The agent runs in standard mode using AQM. As of the last agent run, entries failed to commit and the correspondence was not sent. Which two approaches could you take to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose Two)

A.    Open the Requestor Management screen in SMA, select the requestor with a waiting message, and run the Tracer.
B.    Open the Requestor Management screen in SMA, select the requestor with a waiting message, and display the error message and stack trace information.
C.    Open the Broken Process queue, select an item, and run the Tracer.
D.    Open the Broken Process queue, select the entry, and view the error message and stack trace information.

Answer: AD

New Question
You have added a cascading approval step that uses an authority matrix. You have specified a decision table to determine the approvers for each case. You have confirmed that the conditions in the decision table are configured correctly. You test the configuration by entering requests that require multiple approvers. However, the system routes all requests to only one approver. Which of the following actions would you take to correct this issue?

A.    Add an approval level for each approver.
B.    Add a row to the decision table that evaluates the submitter’s workgroup manager.
C.    Set the decision table to evaluate all rows.
D.    Specify a page list for the authority matrix.

Answer: C

New Question
Based on the information in the chart. If you execute the rule when .Dept=Engineering. which version does Pega use?

A.    01-01-01, None
B.    01-01-35
C.    01-01-01, .Dept=Engineering
D.    01-01-20, .Dept=Engineering

Answer: B

New Question
Use the ________________ keyword to reference a parameter in the same rule in which the parameter is defined.

A.    Local
B.    Parent
C.    THIS
D.    Param

Answer: D

New Question
Select two record types that are involved when configuring a production ruleset. (Choose Two)

A.    Organization
B.    Access group
C.    Application
D.    Operator
E.    Work group

Answer: BC

New Question
An agent runs every day at 7:00 A.M. You have been asked to update the agent so that it runs once every 300 seconds. How would you modify the agent schedule to meet this requirement?

A.    Change the Periodic pattern to Recurring. Open the Parameters dialog and update the schedule.
B.    Change the Recurring pattern to Periodic and enter the Interval value.
C.    Keep the Periodic pattern. In the Parameters dialog, update the schedule.
D.    Keep the Recurring pattern and update the Interval value.

Answer: B

New Question
An error is generated as a connector invokes a remote service. Which of the following could be an example of a transient error?

A.    The request is sent to the wrong system.
B.    The service is running on a system that is temporarily not available.
C.    The returned order total is incorrectly calculated.
D.    The request format is not understood by the service.

Answer: B

New Question
Which of the following is not part of the organizational structure?

A.    Division
B.    Unit
C.    Organization
D.    Work Group

Answer: D

New Question
A branch ruleset is a ruleset that ___________. (Choose Two)

A.    Contains rules that are not in active development
B.    Is designed for large projects
C.    Is based off of another ruleset
D.    Prevents developers from seeing work of all team members

Answer: BC

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