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[2020-March-New]Braindump2go 300-415 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Share

March 20, 2020

March/2020 New 300-415 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 300-415 Exam Questions,

New Question
Which device information is required on PNP/ZTP to support the zero touch onboarding process?

A.    serial and chassis numbers
B.    interface IP address
C.    public DNS entry
D.    system IP address

Answer: A

New Question
Which configuration step is taken on vManage after WAN Edge list is uploaded to support the on-boarding process before the device comes online?

A.    Verify the device certificate
B.    Enable the ZTP process
C.    Set the device as valid
D.    Send the list to controllers

Answer: C

New Question
Which SD-WAN component is configured to enforce a policy to redirect branch-to-branch traffic toward a network service such as a firewall or IPS?

A.    vBond
B.    vSmart
C.    WAN Edge
D.    Firewall

Answer: B

New Question
Which command verifies a policy that has been pushed to the vEdge router?

A.    vSmart# show running-config policy
B.    vEdge# show running-config data policy
C.    vSmart# show running-config apply policy
D.    vEdge# show policy from-vsmart

Answer: D

New Question
Which policy configures an application-aware routing policy under Configuration > Policies?

A.    Data policy
B.    Centralized policy
C.    Localized policy
D.    Control policy

Answer: A

New Question
A voice packet requires a latency of 50 msec. Which policy is configured to ensure that a voice packet is always sent on the link with less than a 50 msec delay?

A.    localized data
B.    centralized control
C.    localized control
D.    centralized data

Answer: A

New Question
When redistribution is configured between OMP and BGP at two Data Center sites that have Direct Connection interlink, which step avoids learning the same routes on WAN Edge routers of the DCs from LAN?
A.    Define different VRFs on both DCs
B.    Set same overlay AS on both DC WAN Edge routers
C.    Set OMP admin distance lower than BGP admin distance
D.    Set down-bit on Edge routers on DC1
Answer: B

New Question
Which API call retrieves a list of all devices in the network?



D.    http://vmanage_IP_address/api-call/system/device/{{model}}
Answer: A

New Question
Drag and drop the vManage policy configuration procedures from the left onto the correct definitions on the right.
New Question
Which logs verify when a device was upgraded?
A.    Email
B.    SNMP
C.    Audit
Answer: C

New Question
When VPNs are grouped to create destination zone in Zone-Based Firewall, how many zones can a single VPN be part of?
A.    four
B.    one
C.    three
D. two
Answer: B

New Question
Which two services are critical for zero touch provisioning on-boarding? (Choose two )
C.    DHCP
D.    DNS
E.    SNMP
Answer: C,D

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