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August 21, 2014

Your employer asks you to rename the custom folder for your WDK application to “datasink.” Which XML entry represents the correct means of changing the custom folder’s name?

A.    <custom>

B.    <config>
<param-value extends=”webtop/custom”>datasink</param-value> </app-param>

C.    <web-inf>
<param-value inherits=”webtop/custom”>datasink</param-value> </context-param>

D.    <web-app>

Answer: D

The highest level application layer of a WDK application is defined in which file?

A.    app.xml
B.    conf.xml
C.    wdk.xml
D.    web.xml

Answer: D

Which statement is true about the inheritance of elements between application layers?

A.    Elements are inherited from lower layers if they are not overridden in the higher layers.
B.    Elements are inherited from lower layers only if they are overridden in the higher layers.
C.    Elements are inherited from all application layers regardless of application layer hierarchy.
D.    Elements are only inherited from application layers that are at the same level in the application layer hierarchy.

Answer: A

Which directories are representative of application layers in a default Webtop installation?

A.    WEB-INF and webtop
B.    WEB-INF and wdk
C.    custom and webtop
D.    custom and help

Answer: C

If you want a new application layer in between the custom and webtop layers, then which file should you extend?

A.    \custom\app.xml
B.    \webtop\app.xml
C.    \WEB-INF\web.xml
D.    \webtop\main_component.xml

Answer: B

How do you automatically include a custom JavaScript file to be in all of your JSPs?

A.    by adding a reference to the component configuration file
B.    by specifying it as an application parameter in the app.xml
C.    by appending a reference to the Javascript file WebformScripts.properties
D.    by using the <@ page import=”custom/myUtils.js”> directive

Answer: C

Where are the WDK servlets defined?

A.    app.xml
B.    wdk.xml
C.    web.xml
D.    server.xml

Answer: C

For what can a qualifier be used?

A.    to filter valid data to be displayed
B.    to check permissions during authentication
C.    to scope and filter actions and components
D.    to check data against the data dictionary

Answer: C

You have implemented a custom authentication scheme, MyAuthenticationScheme. To what must you add your scheme to ensure it is active?

A.    in a properties file under the custom directory
B.    in the app.xml under the custom directory
C.    in a properties file under the WEB-INF/classes directory
D.    in the web.xml under the WEB-INF directory

Answer: C

You have written a custom authentication scheme and have correctly added the scheme to the system. You discover a problem in the code, which causes the scheme to always return null.
How does the null return value affect authentication in Webtop?

A.    Any remaining schemes are skipped, and the login dialog is presented immediately.
B.    Any remaining schemes are attempted, where the login dialog is usually the final authentication scheme.
C.    The scheme throws a null pointer exception and prevents other schemes from authenticating.
D.    The scheme automatically logs the user in as the repository administrator.

Answer: B

Which authentication scheme enables safe automatic login by passing credentials in the URL?

A.    Docbase Login Authentication Scheme
B.    User Principal Authentication Scheme
C.    Uniform Resource Locator Authentication Scheme
D.    Ticketed Authentication Scheme

Answer: D

Which statement is true about Trusted Authentication Scheme (Principal Support)?

A.    It disables authentication through the Content Server.
B.    It allows a superuser account to impersonate any given user.
C.    The application server user name must not match a repository superuser.
D.    A non-superuser account may be used to obtain login tickets.

Answer: B

You do not see the Presets option in Webtop. What could be a possible reason?

A.    The Content Server does not have a license for Presets.
B.    The BOF registry entry is incorrect in the dfc.properties file.
C.    You are not a superuser.
D.    You are not a system administrator.

Answer: B

Which is true about Presets?

A.    Presets are not used to provide security
B.    Presets descend to subfolders
C.    Presets applied to a folder do not apply to the files imported into the folder
D.    Presets only comprise of a single rule each

Answer: A

Which order represents the default Preset precedence?

A.    location, user, role, object type
B.    user, object type, role, location
C.    user, role, object type, location
D.    location, role, user, object type

Answer: A
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