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August 21, 2014

Which EMC product is used to convert the text print stream into PDF format, extract the metadata, and ingest the content into Documentum Repository?

A.    Document Transformation Services
B.    Import Manager
C.    Archive Services Reports (ASR)
D.    Bulk Loader

Answer: C

In addition to Digital Asset Manager (DAM), which client products are part of the Interactive Content Management Solution?

A.    Web Publisher (WP), File Share Services (FSS)
B.    Webtop, File Share Services (FSS)
C.    Webtop, TaskSpace
D.    TaskSpace, File Share Services (FSS)

Answer: A

In addition to Content Server, which server products are typically used for Interactive Content Management Solutions?

A.    XML Transformation Services (XTS), Thumbnail Server, Enterprise Content Integration Services (ECIS)
B.    Document Transformation Services (DTS), Records Manager (RM)
C.    Media Transformation Services (MTS), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
D.    XML Transformation Services (XTS), Thumbnail Server, Site Caching Services (SCS)

Answer: D

You are building a solution to automate a Grants Management Process. Your workflow involves searching documents in an external non-Documentum Repository. You also need to generate a graphical report on auto activities.
Which EMC product combination achieves this?

A.    Process Builder (PB), Business Activity Monitor (BAM), TaskSpace
B.    Process Builder (PB), Business Activity Monitor(BAM), Webtop
C.    Process Builder (PB), Business Activity Monitor (BAM), Enterprise Content Integration Services (ECIS)
D.    Workflow Manager, Business Activity Monitor (BAM), Enterprise Content Integration Services (ECIS)

Answer: C

You have integrated Documentum Repository with Microsoft Exchange Server. You have been asked to reduce storage costs by using content compression and de-duplication.
Which EMC solution meets these requirements?

A.    Content Services for EMC Centera and Content Storage Service (CSS)
B.    Content Storage Service (CSS) and Trusted Content Services (TCS)
C.    Documentum Client for Outlook (DCO) and Content Services for EMC Centera
D.    High Volume Server and Archive Services for Email

Answer: A

In addition to Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) and Records Manager (RM), which products contain a user interface and are part of the compliance and archiving products suite offered by Documentum?

A.    only Retention Policy Services (RPS)
B.    Retention Policy Services (RPS) and Enterprise Content Services (ECS)
C.    Content Storage Services (CSS)
D.    only Enterprise Content Services (ECS)

Answer: A

A new Documentum customer without any experience with Content Management systems has decided to purchase Documentum for its out-of-the-box functionality. They have general requirements for their users to have web access to basic content storage, library services, full-text search, and workflow.
Besides Content Server and Index Server, at a minimum, which solution would meet this customer’s requirements?

A.    Webtop only
B.    Webtop and Process Suite
C.    Process Suite only
D.    TaskSpace and Process Suite

Answer: A

An insurance company has standardized the client desktop on the Microsoft Office platform. The company designed a claim Documentum workflow on Microsoft Word documents. The workflow needs to be manually initiated by the user. Users would prefer a more integrated solution so that they do not need to launch multiple applications to start a workflow.
Which product meets these requirements?

A.    Webtop
B.    Application Connectors
C.    Process Integrator
D.    Web Development Kit (WDK) applications

Answer: B

A company has a requirement to develop an application to manage a group of documents in a folder through a business process. As the folder progresses, the different document types in that folder change security based on status, their type, as well as the values of different attributes for those different types.
They are deciding whether to use Documentum workflow or an external workflow system.
Which type of configuration or customization will support the functionality without committing to using Documentum versus a third-party workflow tool?

A.    policy configuration only
B.    policy configuration plus customization
C.    process configuration only
D.    process configuration plus customization

Answer: B

A customer has an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a series of web services built for integration with existing financial and other enterprise systems. They want to add Documentum as their Enterprise Content Management System. They prefer to minimize the number of necessary user interfaces and want to make it so users ultimately do not need a Documentum interface. You recommend a phased approach to integration with some initial user interface.
Which options and products meet the customer’s needs?

A.    Phase 1 Content Server and Webtop Phase 2 Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) and High Volume Server (HVS)
B.    Phase 1 Content Server and High Volume Server (HVS) Phase 2 Documentum Foundation Classes/Business Objects Foundation and Business Process Services (BPS)
C.    Phase 1 Content Server and Webtop Phase 2 Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) and TaskSpace
D.    Phase 1 Content Server and Business Process Services (BPS) Phase 2 TaskSpace and Process Builder (PB)

Answer: A
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