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July 16, 2014

If all OSPF routers on a broadcast network have the same OSPF priority, what parameter is used to determine the new BDR at the time of a DR failure?

A.    area ID
B.    router ID
C.    loopback address
D.    IP address of interface on broadcast network

Answer: B

What type of router cannot exist within a stub area?

A.    ABR
B.    ASBR
C.    internal router
D.    non-backbone router

Answer: B

Which statement is true about the frequency of OSPF LSA transmissions?

A.    They are configured per OSPF area.
B.    They are configured per virtual router.
C.    They are configured per OSPF process.
D.    They are configured per OSPF interface.

Answer: D

During OSPF adjacency formation, what state is a router in when it is sending LSA header information to its neighbor?

A.    Init
B.    2Way
C.    ExStart
D.    Exchange

Answer: D

Why would you make a non-backbone area a stub or not-so-stubby area?

A.    to aggregate routes learned from the ABR
B.    to lower the cost of routes advertised by the ABR
C.    to connect a non-contiguous area to the backbone
D.    to decrease the size of the link-state database in that area

Answer: D

When configuring OSPF on the ERX, what is the default auto-cost reference-bandwidth value?

A.    1 Mbps
B.    10 Mbps
C.    100 Mbps
D.    1000 Mbps

Answer: C

What are the three OSPF authentication methods supported on the ERX Edge Router? (Choose three.)

A.    null password
B.    simple password
C.    message digest 5
D.    Password Authentication Protocol
E.    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

Answer: ABC

What is the purpose of the OSPF hello packet?

A.    advertises reachable networks
B.    acknowledges the receipt of update packets
C.    establishes and maintains neighbor relationships
D.    describes the contents of the link-state database

Answer: C

Which command displays the results of a loopback test you executed on a CT3 line module in slot 5, port 0, t1 number 4?

A.    show interface 5/0:4
B.    show interface 5/0:4/1
C.    show controllers t3 5/0:4
D.    show controllers t3 5/0:4/1

Answer: C

Log messages are appearing very quickly on the console of your ERX Edge Router. Which Privileged Exec command disables real-time console logging?

A.    no log here
B.    no log console
C.    destination console severity 7
D.    destination console logging off

Answer: A
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