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July 16, 2014

In the Oracle9i Data Guard architecture, what is the purpose of the Log Transport Services?
A.    to transfer redo log information to one or more destinations
B.    to apply redo log records sent from the primary database to a standby database at the receiving location
C.    to synchronize changes to the control files on all standby databases with changes on the primary database when a log switch occurs
D.    to batch archived log files on the primary database until a defined number of checkpoints have been processed and then to distribute the archives to each standby database

Answer: A

Consider the following statement:
2> ownname => ‘OE’, –
3> estimate_percent => DBMS_STATS.AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE, – 4> method_opt => ‘for all columns size AUTO’);
What is the effect of ‘for all columns size AUTO’ of the METHOD_OPT option?

A.    The Oracle server creates a new histogram based on existing histogram definitions for all table, column, and index statistics for the OE schema.
B.    The Oracle server creates a histogram based on data distribution regardless of how the application uses the column/s for all table, column, and index statistics for the OE schema.
C.    The Oracle server creates a histogram based on data distribution and application usage of the column/s for all table, column, and index statistics for the OE schema.
D.    The Oracle server creates a histogram based on application usage, regardless of data distribution, for all table, column, and index statistics for the OE schema.

Answer: C

What criterion does Oracle9i use to determine whether a database file is an Oracle Managed File?

A.    the filename format
B.    information stored inside a data dictionary table
C.    information stored in the ALERT.LOG file for the corresponding instance
D.    information stored inside the corresponding initialization parameter file for the instance

Answer: A

Which CREATE TABLE parameter should you be concerned with if the length of rows in an index-organized table vary over a wide range of values?


Answer: D

In order to speed foreign key creation, Oracle9i will cache the first _____ primary key values only where there are multirow DML statements.

A.    32
B.    128
C.    256
D.    512

Answer: C

Consider the following scenario using incremental backups. A level 1 backup is taken on the first of the month. A level 2 backup is taken every Sunday, and a level 3 backup is taken daily. If the database gets corrupted on the second Wednesday of the month and is lost, which scenario would restore the database completely?

A.    the weekly backup (level 2) and the daily backup (level 3)
B.    the monthly backup (level 1) and the daily backup (level 3)
C.    a base level backup (level 0) is missing and nothing can be recovered
D.    the monthly backup (level 1), the weekly backup (level 2) and the daily backup (level 3)

Answer: C

Online index rebuild functionality has been extended to include which four index structures? (Choose four.)

A.    bitmap indexes
B.    reverse key indexes
C.    function-based indexes
D.    key-compressed indexes on regular tables
E.    key-compressed indexes on IOT (including secondary indexes)

Answer: BCDE

Which two statements about dimensions are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A hierarchy can consist of multiple levels.
B.    A dimension can be based on multiple tables.
C.    A dimension can contain only a single hierarchy.
D.    No special privileges are required to create a dimension.
Answer: AB

Examine the statement:
What is the result of the statement?

A.    The contents and data files belonging to the IND2 tablespace are dropped.
B.    The statement will only succeed if the IND2 tablespace was built using Oracle-Managed Files (OMF) data files.
C.    The statement will only succeed if the data files belonging to the IND2 tablespace are Oracle-Managed Files (OMF) or if the database was created using OMF.
D.    The contents of the tablespace are dropped along with all its data files except those identified with the Oracle-Managed Files (OMF) naming convention.

Answer: A

What do you need to do in order for the Database Resource Manager to estimate, in advance, the execution time of a statement?

A.    Set the TIMED_STATISTICS initialization parameter.
B.    Gather optimizer statistics on related objects.
C.    Set the TIMED_OS_STATISTICS initialization parameter.
D.    Nothing

Answer: B

Which type of index should be created to spread the distribution of index updates across the index tree?

A.    B-tree indexes
B.    bitmap indexes
C.    reverse-key indexes
D.    function-based indexes

Answer: C

What statement is true about taking a database default temporary tablespace offline?

A.    You cannot take a default temporary tablespace offline.
B.    The database must be quiesced before you perform this action.
C.    You must ensure that all users are assigned to an alternative temporary tablespace first.
D.    You must first ensure that the default temporary tablespace has the permanent tablespace characteristic.

Answer: A

What is true about version-enabled tables?

A.    The unit of versioning is the schema.
B.    It is possible to version enable a table pertaining to SYS.
C.    There are as many segments as versions for the same base table.
D.    It is possible to create workspaces if there is no version-enabled table in the database.

Answer: D

Which four are true regarding the Workspace Manager in Oracle9i? (Choose four.)

A.    automatically versions all tables
B.    automatically installed with Oracle9i
C.    merges changes with parent rows or discards changes
D.    provides mechanism to identify and resolve conflicts
E.    allows for version enabling tables by use of a packaged procedure

Answer: BCDE

What is one benefit of using the ALTER TABLE … MOVE command rather than a CREATE TABLE … AS SELECT command?

A.    row chaining is eliminated.
B.    index definitions are retained.
C.    duplicate space is not required while the command executes.
D.    all operations, such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT can be performed while the operation completes.

Answer: B

Which type of ROWID does Oracle use for global indexes on partitioned tables?

A.    local
B.    extended
C.    restricted
D.    None of the above

Answer: B

Users complain that SQL statements using a particular index fail. Using DBVERIFY, you find that two separate blocks in the index have become corrupt. The database data files for user data and index are very large. What is the least disruptive recovery strategy available in Oracle9i?

A.    Rebuild the index using the online option.
B.    Take the individual data file offline (not the whole tablespace), restore and recover the data file from backup with RMAN, then set the data file online again.
C.    Without setting the individual data file offline, use RMAN with Block Media Recovery to restore and recover only those blocks.
D.    Take the individual data file (not the whole tablespace) offline, use RMAN with Block Media Recovery to restore and recover only those blocks, then set the data file online again.

Answer: C

Which three features are provided by Recovery Manager and NOT provided by user-managed backup and recovery? (Choose three.)

A.    online backups
B.    skipping unused blocks
C.    partial database backups
D.    incremental block-level backup
E.    detection of corrupted blocks during backup

Answer: BDE

Which two are true regarding external tables? (Choose two.)

A.    External tables can be updated.
B.    External tables are read-only tables.
C.    Indexes can be created on external tables.
D.    Indexes cannot be created on external tables.

Answer: BD

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Composite partitioning enables you to prevent partition elimination.
B.    Composite partitioning supports hash partitioned global indexes.
C.    Composite partitioning is ideal for both historical data and data placement.
D.    Composite partitioning provides high performance and manageability, like range partitioning.

Answer: CD
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