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August 11, 2014

Which command is used to set or reset HBA port flags on Symmetric arrays running Enable 0 Enginuity 5874?

A.    symcfg
B.    symmask
C.    symconfigure
D.    symaccess

Answer: D

Diagnostic messaging for the GNS daemon is written to which file?

A.    /7SYMAPI/emc/storgnsd .log0
B.    /SYMAPI/log/storgnsd.log0
C.    /SYMAPl/usr/storgnsd log0
D.    /SYMAPl/bin/storgnsd log0

Answer: B

You have been asked to create a configuration for a single engine Symmetric V-Max array with 8 DAEs and 64 drivers. They would like to have the data devices with RAID 5(7+1) protection. What would be the largest number of members you would recommend for a stripped metavolume.?

A.    4
B.    16
C.    8
D.    32

Answer: B

What is required to ensure the integrity of data on the R2 volume during a SRDF fallback operation?

A.    Remove entries from the file system table
B.    Stop any applications that are accessing the R2 volume
C.    Disable journaling on the file system
D.    Suspend the RDF link

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit
What is the correct state for the Standard and Rl-BCV prior to issuing a symreplicate start command?

A.    Synchronized
B.    Suspended
C.    Split
D.    Write-Enable

Answer: C

An SRDF failover has been executed during the testing phase of an implementation. What is the expected status of the R1 and R2 devices after performing SRDF failover operation?

A.    R1 and R2 Not Ready
B.    R1 Wnte Disabled; R2 Read/Wnte
C.    R1 Read/Wnte, R2 Read/Wnte
D.    R1 Read/Wnte. R2 Wnte Disabled

Answer: B

One of the requirements, during an Open Replicator implementation is that production application should not be implemented by open Replication session. An analysis of the control Symmetrix showed that FA ports are currently 70% utilized. How should pace and ceiling be configured?

A.    Pace should be set to 0 and Ceiling should be left at the default
B.    Pace should be left at the default and Ceiling set to 30
C.    Pace should be left at the default and Ceiling set to 100
D.    Pace should be set to 9 and Ceiling should be set to 70

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
A database server has its logs stored on a volume on the log source Symmetrix V-Max array and its data stored on a volume on the data source Symmetrix V-Max array. Both source Symmetrix V-Max array frames replicate data to the target Symmetrix V-Max array at the Remote site. There are two device groups that have been defined:
One group for the data volume on the Symmetrix containing the data LUNs
One group for the log volume on the Symmetrix containing the log LUNS
What happens if the SRDF inks between the Symmetrix contain the data LUNs and the target Symmetrix were to fail?

A.    The R2 data in the database remains consistent because Enginuity Consistency Assist (RDFECAJ technology would ensure data consistency).
B.    The data in the database becomes inconsistent at the Remote site.
C.    An SRDF failover would be initiated on all volumes and processing will automatically be switched over to the Remote site
D.    The R2 volumes in the Symmetrix V-Max containing the log LUNs would become write-disabled to the database server

Answer: C

Where is the volume Logix Database maintained starting with DMX-3?

A.    VCM gatekeeper
B.    Symmetrix logical Volume
C.    Symmetrix File System
D.    VCM database.

Answer: C

On the Symmetrix platform, which type of RAID protection ensures the best random write

A.    RAID 1
B.    RAID S
C.    RAID 6
D.    RAID 5

Answer: A
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