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QUESTION 251Hotspot QuestionA company has Windows 8.1 client computers.A Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server has been configured to manage the client computer updates.You need to configure the client computers to join a WSUS group named Computers and to automatically receive updates from the WSUS server.Which two Group Policy Object (GPO) settings should you configure? […]

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QUESTION 231You administer a Windows 8.1 computer that runs Hyper-V. The computer hosts a virtual machine with multiple snapshots. The virtual machine uses one virtual CPU and 512 MB of RAM.You discover that the virtual machine pauses automatically and displays the state as paused-critical.You need to identify the component that is causing the error.Which component […]

Microsoft 70-687 Certification New Released Sample Questions Free Download from Braindump2go(221-230)

QUESTION 221You administer Windows 8.1 Pro computers in your company network. All computers are members of an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain.A server named Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 and has an IP address of Server1 is configured to use port 10987 for Remote Desktop connections.From your Windows 8.1 computer, you need […]

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QUESTION 211You administer a Windows 8.1 Pro computer. The computer has File History turned on, and system protection turned on for drive C.You accidentally delete a folder named Libraries\Customers by using the Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut.You need to restore the most recent version of the folder to its original location.Which approach should you use to restore […]

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QUESTION 201You administer Windows 8.1 laptops. The laptops are configured to connect to an unsecured wireless access point.You plan to configure the wireless access point to encrypt wireless traffic and turn off SSID broadcast.You need to ensure the laptops will join the secured wireless network automatically after the configuration changes.What should you do? A.    Set […]

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