Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-410 Exam Dump Free Download(241-250)!

QUESTION 241 You run a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V Role Server, you need to shrink the size of files.vhd. Which powershellcmdlet option you should run first? A.    Dismount-VHD B.    Mount-VHD C.    Resize-VHD D.    Convert-VHD Answer: D Explanation: Answer: Convert, as .vhd don’t support shrink. Convert-VHD – Converts the format, version type, and block size of […]

Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-411 Exam Dump Free Download(61-70)!

QUESTION 61 Your network contains an Active Directory domain named You need to audit access to removable storage devices. Which audit category should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate category in the answer area.   Answer:   Explanation: Advanced Security Auditing Options – Configure Object Access > Audit Removable storage QUESTION 62 […]

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