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QUESTION 101Your network is configured as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) Server1 regularly accesses Server2.You discover that all of the connections from Server1 to Server2 are routed through Router1.You need to optimize the connection path from Server1 to Server2.Which route command should you run on Server1? A.    Route add -p MASK […]

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QUESTION 41 You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database named Contoso on a server named Server01. You need to diagnose deadlocks that happen when executing a specific set of stored procedures by recording events and playing them back on a different test server. What should you create? A.    an Extended Event session B.    a […]

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QUESTION 31You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database that contains a table named OrderDetail. You discover that the NCI_OrderDetail_CustomerID non-clustered index is fragmented. You need to reduce fragmentation. You need to achieve this goal without taking the index offline. Which Transact-SQL batch should you use? A.    CREATE INDEX NCI_OrderDetail_CustomerID ON OrderDetail.CustomerID WITH DROP EXISTINGB.    […]

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QUESTION 1Your company has a private cloud that contains two Active Directory forests named and The network and the network are separated by a firewall.No trusts exist between the forests.You deploy System Center 2012 Operations Manager to install agents on 100 servers in both forests.You need to ensure that you […]

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QUESTION 101You need to implement a solution for the email attachments.Both organizations exchange root CA certificates and install the certificates in the relevant stores.You duplicate the Enrollment Agent certificate template and generate a certificate based on the new template.Which additional two actions should you perform? Each Answer presents part of the solution. A.    Request cross-certification […]

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QUESTION 61Your network contains an Active Directory forest. The forest contains two domains named and The forest functional level is Windows 2000. The domain contains domain controllers that run either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2. The domain functional level is Windows Server 2008. The domain contains domain controllers […]

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QUESTION 51You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. Server1 has the DNS Server server role installed. You need to configure Server1 to resolve queries for single-label DNS names. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A.    Run the Set-DNSServerGlobalNameZone cmdlet.B.    Modify […]

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QUESTION 21You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. The database contains a Product table created by using the following definition: You need to ensure that the minimum amount of disk space is used to store the data in the Product table. What should you do? A.    Convert all indexes to Column Store indexes.B.    Implement Unicode […]

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QUESTION 11 You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. You provide temporary securityadmin access to User1 to the database server. You need to know if User1 adds logins to securityadmin. Which server-level audit action group should you use? A.    SERVER_STATE_CHANGE_GROUP B.    SERVER_PRINCIPAL_IMPERSONATION_GROUP C.    SUCCESSFUL_LOGIN_GROUP D.    SERVER_ROLE_MEMBER_CHANGE_GROUP Answer: D Explanation: SERVER_STATE_CHANGE_GROUP This event is […]

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