Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-411 Exam Dump Free Download(21-30)!

QUESTION 21 Your network contains a single Active Directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that hosts the primary DNS zone for All servers dynamically register their host names. You install the new Web servers that host identical copies of your company’s intranet website. The servers are configured as […]

Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-411 Exam Dump Free Download(11-20)!

QUESTION 11 Your network contains an Active Directory domain named You implement DirectAccess and an IKEv2 VPN. You need to view the properties of the VPN connection. Which connection properties should you view? To answer, select the appropriate connection properties in the answer area.   Answer:   Explanation:   QUESTION 12 You have […]

Official 2014 Latest IBM C2010-565 Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1 A customer wants to add some logic around specific IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 poller generated events. Where would an administrator put this logic? A.    add an exception filter clause to the ncmonitor.noEvent table B.    modify the nco_p_ncpmonitor rules file to include the required logic C.    modify the ncp_poller event generation […]

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