This page was exported from Free Braindump2go Microsoft Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Thu Jul 18 6:18:29 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: Jan/2019 Braindump2go N10-007 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 619Q Offered for Free Download[Q569-Q585] --------------------------------------------------- January/2019 Braindump2go N10-007 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new N10-007 Real Exam Questions:1.|2019 Latest N10-007 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 619Q&As Download:|2019 Latest N10-007 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 569A company is allowing its employees to use their personal computers, tablets, and IoT devices while at work. However, there are rules and guidelines to which employees must adhere. Which of the following documents applies to these employees?A. NDAB. SOPC. BYODD. SLAAnswer: CQUESTION 570Which of the following are characteristics of jumbo frames? (Choose two.)A. Commonly used on SANB. MTU size greater than 1500C. MTU size greater than 10000D. Commonly used on IaaSE. MTU size greater than 12000Answer: ABQUESTION 571A network administrator gets a call regarding intermittent network outages across the country. Which of the following should be used to connect to the network so the administrator can troubleshoot this issue from home? (Choose two.)A. FTPB. SMTPC. VPND. SSHE. SNMPAnswer: CDQUESTION 572A network technician downloaded new firmware for the company firewall. Which of the following should the network technician verify to ensure the downloaded file is correct and complete?A. File hashB. File dateC. File typeD. File sizeAnswer: AQUESTION 573A technician is troubleshooting network connectivity issues with a remote host. Which of the following tools would BEST inform the technician of nodes between the client and the remote host? (Choose two.)A. tracertB. pingC. tcpdumpD. pathpingE. netstatF. nslookupG. routeAnswer: ADQUESTION 574Which of the following will listen on the line to ensure there is no traffic transmitting and implement a back- off timer if a collision occurs?A. CSMA/CDB. CSMA/CAC. MPLSD. OSPFAnswer: AQUESTION 575A network technician receives a call from a branch office about a problem with its wireless connectivity. The user states the office is hosting a large meeting that includes some online training with local businesses. The guest users have all brought devices to connect to the guest network at the branch office. All users are connected to a single WAP and are reporting that connections keep dropping and network spends are unusable. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?A. DHCP exhaustionB. Channel overlappingC. InterferenceD. OvercapacityAnswer: DQUESTION 576Which of the following BEST describes an exploit?A. A router with default credentialsB. An open mail relay serverC. An SNMPv1 private communityD. A privilege escalation scriptAnswer: DQUESTION 577A server in a LAN was configured to act as a gateway between all company computers and an external network. Which of the following networking devices offers the ability to increase both performance and security?A. Load balancerB. IDSC. Proxy serverD. Wireless controllerAnswer: CQUESTION 578A technician is setting up VoIP phones on a wireless network. Users report that calls are choppy and sometimes dropped. The technician has measured two characteristics using simple command-line tools that verify the problem. Which of the following characteristics did the technician measure? (Choose two.)A. ReflectionB. LatencyC. InterferenceD. Packet lossE. Signal-to-noise ratioF. AttenuationAnswer: BDQUESTION 579Which of the following ports should a network technician open on a firewall to back up the configuration and operating system files of a router to a remote server using the FASTEST method possible?A. UDP port 22B. TCP port 22C. TCP port 25D. UDP port 53E. UDP port 69Answer: EQUESTION 580A technician is replacing a failed SOHO router for a customer who has an existing switch, cable modem, and static IP address. The user has a web server that faces the Internet so users can visit and leave comments. Which of the following BEST describes the correct configuration for this customer's requirements?A. The modem is placed in bridge mode, the router is placed behind the modem, and the web server is placed behind the router.B. The router is placed in bridge mode, the modem is placed behind the router, and the web server is placed behind the modem.C. The web server is placed in bridge mode, the router is placed behind the web server, and the modem is placed behind the router.D. The switch is placed in bridge mode, the modem is placed behind the router, and the router is placed behind the modem.Answer: AQUESTION 581A network technician is attempting to troubleshoot a connectivity issue. The issue is only reported during the evening hours, and only a single workstation loses connectivity. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?A. The router has a time-based ACL, applied for the network segment.B. A light source is creating EMI interference, affecting the UTP cabling.C. Nightly backups are consuming excessive bandwidth.D. The user has violated the AUP, and Internet access has been restricted.Answer: DQUESTION 582A network administrator is redesigning network security after an attack. During the attack, an attacker used open cubicle locations to attach devices to the network. The administrator wants to be able to monitor future attacks in a safe environment and determine the method of attack. Which of the following should the administrator do to BEST meet this requirement?A. Create a VLAN for the unused ports and create a honeyspot on the VLAN.B. Install a BPDU guard on switchports and enable STP.C. Create a DMZ for public servers and secure a segment for the internal network.D. Install antivirus software and set an ACL on the servers.Answer: AQUESTION 583A company has just refreshed the hardware in its datacenter with new 10G Ethernet switches. A technician wishes to set up a new storage area network but must use existing infrastructure. Which of the following storage standards should the technician use?A. iSCSIB. Fibre ChannelC. NASD. InfiniBandAnswer: CQUESTION 584A network technician needs to install a new access switch. After installing the new switch, the technician begins to move connections from the old switch to the new switch. The old switch used a GBIC with SC connectors, and the new switch uses an SFP with LC connectors. After connecting the SC connector to the SC-to-LC adapter and plugging it into the switch, the link does not come up as expected. Which of the following should a network technician perform NEXT?A. Replace SFP with a new one.B. Fall back to the old switch.C. Transpose the fiber pairs.D. Replace multimode with single-mode cable.Answer: CQUESTION 585A network technician is installing a new SOHO branch office that requires the use of a DOCSIS-compatible modem. The modem needs to be connected to the ISP's network at the demarc. Which of the following cable types should be used?A. UTPB. MultimodeC. CoaxialD. 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